Monday, February 23, 2009

Know the Pros and Cons of Living by the Beach

To buy a property on the beach side area can be very exciting for all of you. It includes the freshness, daily fun near the beach, enjoying the cool breeze blowing over the ocean. We humans find the water bodies to be wonderful and relaxing and think of getting a land property there. But there are lots of pros and cons associated with living by the beach side. It is very nice and enticing moments to enjoy your life but many issues regarding real estate property can spoil your mood and plans of buying a property. Buying land near the beachside of Florida or California is very famous and very demanding. 

Let us tell you the various pros of buying a land by the beach.
  1. Many people throw lots of money in order to enjoy the full beach side experience and love the beauty of life that adds on. 
  2. The beachfront property has swimming pools, happy and fun loving neighbors. 
  3. Apart from that some people even find the spiritual connection for their heart, mind and soul to live near the beach. 
  4. The view from the windows in the real estate land is really awesome. A complete rejuvenating lifestyle is obtained by everyone. You get the spectacular view of the beaches.
  5. The coastal properties are very popular and demanding such as beachfront property in Florida and California etc. These properties make for good investment. 
  6. Another advantage of living by beachfront area is that the places along the coast also quickly increase in value so if, at any time, you decide to move to another city and sell or rent out your existing area, you can expect to get more than enough financial compensation. 
  7. It is also very beneficial to buy a property near the beachside just for vacation purposes or when you have business there and throughout the year; you can rent it out for extra income.
  8. There is no need to daily maintain and clean the property as there are few services such as housekeeping, exterior maintenance of the building or units, landscaping, painting and snow removal are rendered for free or minimal cost. 
  9. Other services include are the immediate 24-hour security, plumbing and electric services.
  10. But having the good advantages there are lots of cons associated with it.
  11. There are very big storms near the oceans and can completely destroy our land. The storms result in debris and floods. So it becomes very risky to live and work there. Apart from that you lose your lots of money and will have to think of shifting again to other areas thus involving extra expenses without any gains. We never know when the hurricane hits the area resulting in bad damages.
  12. Those who are interested in the investment in the beachfront property should be aware of the seasonal fluctuations along the beach and can lower your investments because of less popularity. There are lots of reasons behind it. Even if you charge high in summer time, winters prove to be awfully slow. So you must ensure about the seasonal traffic before investing.
  13. It is the major disadvantage for the tenants that the owners charge their tenants more in order to keep up the cost that arise from the perils of floods or storms.
So the pros and cons are associated with the real estate property and we can see that how useful and harmful it becomes when deciding to buy land and live by the beach.

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